Craftsman Cave Carport

Craftsman Cave Garage Shop
Since the Craftsman Cave is a basement shop, a necessity called for a small shop area in my garage for various mechanical and DIY chores where it was more convenient to have a few tools on hand rather than lugging tools back and fourth to and from the Cave. Thus a few years ago my little garage shop was born.


The first task when I created the garage setup was to keep it organized. Craftsman VersaTrack was the first logical solution, and for this I opted to do a combination of the track wall and pegboard. VersaTrack shelving brackets hold a shelf at the top which stores a space heater for those cold Wisconsin winters and a Diehard car battery charger, along with wet/dry vacuum accessories. An LED worklight  hangs from one of the shelving brackets as well. A VersaTrack paper towel holder keeps a Craftsman impact set and Craftsman tape measure in a handy spot. I have left an empty spot on the track wall for my C3 Stereo.

On the bottom track wall a basket holds various lubricants, and tool holders and hooks have various screwdrivers and wrenches. The center pegboard holds various hammers, mechanics tools and pliers.

A 3-1/2 hobby vice is mounted to a 4' x 12" x 5/4" edge-glued oak workbench. Finishing out the space is a plastic rolling tool cabinet, portable workbench. stainless steel wet/dry vacuum, 2-ton floor jack, creeper, and a triple-tap cord reel.


So why so much plastic and stainless steel? This setup is in a detached garage, and during the spring and summer months, the garage gets very damp. I did not want tools to oxidize, so I opted for this setup.

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