Finding A Stud

It’s often said that ‘you get what you pay for’, and for stud finders, this is no exception. I started out with Craftsman’s SpotLite Pointer Stud Finder (60573) and it served me well. But a recent scare with a floating shelf falling off of a wall had me wondering, what’s better? No offense to the SpotLite Pointer, but Craftsman’s Wall Scanner (63034) is the Cadillac of stud finders
After using the SpotLite Pointer to mark the location of studs in my nursery room, a shelf I mounted in that spot fell. The screws were not in the studs, but right near the edge.
The Wall Scanner not only locates the edges, but also helps you find the center of the stud, along with detecion for hot electrical wiring, and metal objects - like duct-work or conduit.
Although the features I just mentioned are fantastic and in their own right make the Wall Scanner purchase worthy, I have not yet mentioned another feature: auto correcting technology. If you place the Wall Scanner over a stud, and move to the left or right, it will display an arrow - indicating that you just missed a stud, so you can pass back if necessary.
With the Wall Scanner, I am no longer afraid to carry out my stud searching, as it is very reliable and accurate. Combine that with the fact that it is feature-rich and it quite literally the perfect stud finder. Want to purchase one for yourself? Check it out here.


  1. This is a great stud finder. I bought it a couple months ago and its incredibly helpful. The center sensor, however it works, has been right on for me through drywall, ply, and even the 2x6 walls of a storage shed.

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