2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us once again, so here is a comprehensive guide from the Craftsman Cave on the coolest Craftsman items from this year that you (or the Craftsman fan in your life) may not have!

I’ve mentioned and am very fond of the Craftsman 16 gallon XSP wet/dry vacuum, and now Sears has it as a bonus buy item for the holidays. The bonus is 3 filter bags, a car nozzle, and a dust brush. You can find it here.

A new item in the latter half of the year is Craftsman’s magnetic finger. I mentioned it here. This nifty finger glove has a magnet in it to help you hold fasteners as you work. You can find it here.

Another new item is the Craftsman foldable mesh creeper. I mentioned it here. Besides being foldable, making it extremely easy to store in a tight spot, it’s made of a breathable mesh fabric that won’t allow nasty back sweat while you work! Find it here.

I briefly mentioned Craftsman’s new 20-gallon air compressor. It features a 1.8hp oil-free motor. This makes it easy to maintain while packing allot of power. Check it out here.

Needs bits? It sometimes seems that you can go through quite a few of these in year, so if you’re not picking up a 300-piece set for yourself, be sure to get it as a gift. This is a doorbuster item on Black Friday, so if you want it, get it while they got ‘em. It’s here.

Craftsman added some magnetic items to their lineup this year! A paper towel dispenser, screwdriver and magnetic tool board are all extremely useful in their own right. Here’s where to find them:

Where was this set when I bought them all individually?! No need to hunt for them now! 3 “flex handle” tools in a set, obviously in 1/2″, 3/8″ and 1/4″ drive sizes - these tools are extremely useful to break loose stuck on fasteners, and it’s very handy to have all the drives sizes, making this set a perfect fit. Get it here.

Did you miss the memo? Craftsman came out with new pliers! Called Tru-grip, these pliers feature a nice rubberized grip that I love. Short of completing the whole set, I am particularly fond of end-nipper pliers, because, well, they are new this year and are great for pulling nails and flush cutting too. Check them out here.

For stuck screws that won’t budge, Craftsman has an impact screwdriver set. The amazing thing - is that you are actually supposed to smack these with the hammer to free up stuck fasteners! They are also good for everyday use too, simply because they are made of a hardened steel and will last a long time. Check it out here.

And maybe you can’t afford to have a tool chest but want to have the same look and feel? These Craftsman metal tool boxes are just that. Nostalgic and streamlined, these rugged boxes will fit your tools all while doing it in style. Check out the 16″ toolbox here.

You can NEVER have enough five gallon buckets! If you don’t believe me, check out this article. Any why not when it has a Craftsman logo on it, right? Get it here.

If you didn’t hear all the fuss earlier, Craftsman celebrated 90 years this year! Since the year isn’t quite over yet, there is still time to get yourself or your loved one this 90th Anniversary socket set here.


  1. And for more (stocking-sized) gifts, check out the Craftsman Club!

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