V20 Mosquito Repellent

Craftsman has released a new V20 Mosquito Repellent device. It accepts Thermacell-branded cartridges. It heats up the chemical in the cartridge and releases it into the air, creating a 20-ft radial zone that mosqitos don't like.

Out of the box, the kit, labeled as CMCE560B-2 contains two mosquito repellent devices and two thermacell cartridges. This is ideal for creating two 20-ft zones, or is good for two people.

Since Craftsman Cave has already owned Thermacell products, we happen to have their equivalent product already available which is known as Patio Shield. It is identical in the fact that it covers a 20-ft radius, but we do not believe the battery lasts as long as with a power tool battery such as the Craftsman V20 platform.

The cartridge itself has enough for a 12-hour supply of repellent solution, and since we had refill cartridges on hand, above is a comparison photo of the cartridge that comes with the Craftsman Mosquito Repellent, and the size of a refill cartridge that you can buy separately.

The refills are available at many major retailers including Lowes and Amazon. The photo below shows a larger repellent refill cartridge inside of the Craftsman Mosquito Repellent.

All in all, this is a nifty product that is very beneficial when working outside or even just enjoying the outdoors. As indicated before, we have used Thermacell branded products and have been very pleased with the results. So, this technology coming over to Craftsman makes it all the better.

Go and get yourself one of these Craftsman Mosquito Repellents! They are currently available at Lowe's. It beats spraying yourself or lighting a candle.

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