Craftsman Cave is a fan site dedicated to the enthusiasm and application of Craftsman tools. We discuss our passion of the brand by demonstrating our regular use of tools, sharing the latest exciting updates from the brand itself, and providing you with expert DIY, making, and trades advice that will get you started on your own path. 

Meet The Craftsmen: 


Eric had an interest in tools since childhood. What began with tinkering in his model railroad, an interest in DIY was born out of necessity when he began to rent the very house he grew up in, making repairs and upgrades along the way. He eventually became a carpenter by trade. While laying claim to a basement workshop, he dug out his father’s vintage Craftsman wood vice, passed down from his father before him. This was the spark that ignited a passion for the Craftsman brand. Eric stands by Craftsman’s quality: a Craftsman tool, regardless of origin or manufacturer, is still made to the rigid specifications that Craftsman sets for it. Since his rediscovery of that old wood vice, Eric’s collection of tools and love for the brand have grown exponentially. He named his workshop the Craftsman Cave, and started to blog about the care and use of his tools, hence this blog was created. Eric contributed regularly in the former Craftsman Club Community, was an active Shop Your Way Personal Shopper/Tool Advisor, and has assisted Craftsman with various projects as well. His loyalty to the brand is demonstrated in the constant effort he puts in to making Craftsman better by offering feedback and helping them in whatever way possible. 


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