Craftsman Cordless Stick Vacuum

 Craftsman V20 Cordless Stick Vacuum  Kit

When the new Craftsman V20 Cordless Stick Vacuum appeared on the Lowe's app, we simply could not contain ourselves! As this iteration is a kit, it includes a 2.0ah battery and a charger. If that doesn't sweeten the deal for you, consider that some Lowe's stores have a deal right now where you can receive another 2.0ah battery for free! (YMMV - consult your local Lowe's for details)

Because the stick vacuum is so new, we did experience some difficulty with our local Lowe's experiencing problems with picking it. If you are as excited as we are - don't give up, and pursue management to search high and low for it until it is found.

Impressive Performance

Out of the box, we were overjoyed with excitement to try out this new vacuum. Never did I ever imagine I would be using a V20 battery to clean up in such a way other than my V20 cordless wet/dry vacuum, which I already adore and use frequently. If that vacuum is any sign of quality, surely the stick vacuum will not disappoint. 

As with any vacuum, Craftsman Cave recommends using a 4.0ah battery or better, it will increase your runtime and performance when using a high demand tool such as this. The test bed for this vacuum and first impressions was a utility rug in my basement. 

I have an older Dyson stick vacuum stationed down there and I have cleaned this rug many times with that vacuum, but I have never seen the rug cleaner than when I rolled the Craftsman Stick Vacuum over it. This took me on a journey throughout the house, cleaning everything from doormats to our area rug in the living room, and the vacuum did not let me down.

Superior Features

The Craftsman V20 Cordless Stick Vacuum features an extra-wide, powered roller head, which contrary to most vacuums in its class can be turned on and off based on your flooring needs. For example, you would not necessarily need the roller head to be powered while vacuuming a hardwood floor. 

Accessories include a wand a wide bristle-brush attachments, which can be stored onboard on the stick. 

The dust collector features a filter cleaner which with a simple twist 'clicks' the dust off of the filter pleats to prolong the use of the vacuum. 

Moreover, the filter itself can be removed and cleaned as well. Craftsman however recommends replacing it in 6-9 months depending on use. There is also an air pre-filter that is removable and washable. 

Lastly, a Versatrack hook allows you to hang the vacuum vertically on Craftsman's awesome Versatrack, similar to their cordless outdoor power equipment.

VS Ryobi P718K Stick Vaccum

 Craftsman directly markets the new V20 Cordless Stick Vacuum against the Ryobi P718K Cordless Stick Vacuum, advertising better performance right out of the box. 

We happened to have access to it! Craftsman's boasting did not disappoint as the vacuum had more power and suction. 4.0ah batteries were used on both and the difference was notable. 

Other differences included the Craftsman roller head being much wider and heavier-duty, and the Craftsman stick vacuum being able to stand on it's own in the middle of a floorspace, as opposed to having to lean the Ryobi against a wall to prevent it from falling. 

As mentioned before, the Craftsman vacuum allows you to turn the power head on and off, and the Ryobi does not.

VS Dyson and Other Stick Vacuums

Craftsman being acquired by Stanley, Black and Decker has given me a new outlook on the company's other brands. The Craftsman V20 Cordless Stock Vacuum is very similar to Black & Decker Powerseries Stick Vacuum, which runs on that platform's 20V Max battery. 

The Powerseries vacuum, similar to the Ryobi, allows you to charge directly on a wall cradle, whereas the Craftsman does not. This does not bother us, since we adore Craftsman, and already have an arsenal of Craftsman V20 chargers at our disposal, such as Craftsman's V20 dual-port charger.

Against many stick vacuums, Craftsman's not only has a wider power head as we mentioned before, but that power head also features bright headlights, which is a very useful feature! A large and very-visible battery status indicator is a nice touch too.

Craftsman Cave highly recommends Craftsman's new Cordless V20 Stick Vacuum kit to anyone, wether you have V20 tools or not, you will greatly enjoy this small appliance in your home, too!

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