Craftsman Service: My Experience

I recently had the opportunity to utilize Craftsman's new network of Factory Service Centers, Customer Service and the ServiceNet website. The experience was positive overall and I wanted to share that here.

The story begins that I just purchased the new air compressor combo kit at Lowe's - which comes with a 16ga finish nailer, 18ga brad nailer, and an 18ga heavy duty stapler. Everything was fine really, until I noticed that the 18ga brad nailer came with a protective cap for the quick connect fitting, and the other tools did not.

Upon close examination, I noticed the manuals for all three tools pictured this protective cap. The manuals also made reference to a purchasable accessory, installed in the same location, to allow the air tools to be hung on a Versatrack hook. I thought it would be worth a shot to look into  acquiring these parts and accessories.

My first stop was a DeWalt Factory Service Center. The representative there was very friendly and welcoming, which definitely created a great first impression. He was honest and upfront with me, informing me right away that supporting Craftsman is new to them, and that the tools are so new they aren't quite entirely setup in the system just yet. Such was the case for the air tools in question.

He confirmed the air tools were in the system, but he couldn't pull up the parts for them, much less the accessories. But he wasn't finished. He went out of his way to assist me, finding equivalents in DeWalt/Bostitch branding and volia - within no time, he was coming out of the back room with my protectors.

As far as the Versatrack hook accessory goes - as I stated before, he had trouble looking up accessories, so he recommended I call Craftsman.

This is where I would like to mention that browsing the new Craftsman ServiceNet site yielded the exact same results.

Calling Craftsman when I got home also returned exceptional customer service, but had the same result. He even went so far as to explain the if the Factory Service Center could not find it, that he would likely have the same result. He finished the call by asking for my e-mail address, which I happily provided, and told me he'd follow up with me if he heard anything.

The main idea here was the superior customer service I received, and it deserved to be noted, as it affirms to me that the very brand I am so passionate about is in very good hands. As for the tools not being in the system, well, Craftsman is under new management, and I think that deserves more time fore sure. I am very excited about the Versatrack accessories though.
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