Craftsman And Stanley Black & Decker

So you may have heard the big news: the sale of Craftsman to Stanley Black & Decker (excuse us for abbreviating in the rest of the story to just Stanley) for $900M. Many of our readers have reached out to us to ask us what this means for our favorite brand, and what the future holds in store.

As Craftsman turns 90, we at Craftsman Cave feel that the brand will continue to deliver quality innovative tools and be the same great and reliable brand it is today, and here’s why:

Stanley can now market Craftsman tools anywhere it wants. This allows the iconic brand to not only spread to other big box retailers, but industrial markets as well, and most importantly, the internet; where many consumers shop nowadays.

Stanley respects the value of Craftsman as a brand: “Craftsman is a legendary American brand,” the CEO of Stanley said in a statement quoted by The New York Times.

From our perspective, this is a positive transition. If you’re wondering about us, well, we are a fan page. We will be here regardless of an existing brand. If Craftsman were to ever disappear, our mission would become to preserve the legacy of the brand.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. We’ll answer what we can, and help you feel better about all of this if we can. Try to keep it positive though - remember, we are a fan page, not officially the brand, and we are are super fans - negative comments won’t get very far here. 
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