Craftsman At Lowe's

A trip to my local Lowe's revealed a completed Craftsman reset. So for all the impatient skeptics, and tool bloggers who speculate, eat your heart out - Craftsman is here! For starters, the V20 series of cordless power tools are proudly displayed in a display of their own. This display varies by individual Lowe's store, so your mileage may vary. For example, this particular store has identical planograms that display DeWalt and Kobalt cordless tools as well.
Craftsman V20 Display
Craftsman V20 cordless tool display in all of it's glory.
The next focus is all of mechanic's tools: pretty much everything under the sun here, from ratchets to wrenches - both in sets and open stock, hex key sets, gasket scrapers, and socket organizers; the list is nearly endless - all in one long aisle.

Craftsman mechanic's tools display
Craftsman mechanic's tools all in an impressive display.
Of course, when Craftsman comes to mind, it's not just mechanic's tools that one thinks about, but also the iconic screwdriver. Lowe's doesn't sell the brand short with their variety of phillips and slotted drive types, in classic acetate and new bi-material flavors, with other specialty drivers available including but not limited to precision, offset, and specialized bit drivers.
Craftsman screw drivers
A wide assortment of Craftsman screwdrivers available at Lowe's.
 And than the knives, oh the knives! So many knives. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, because there is knife for almost every need imaginable here! A set or individual open stock tin snips are also in this section.
Craftsman knives
Craftsman knives and tin snips.
Pliers and adjustable wrenches were on hand too, also in different sizes and types. Craftsman's sister brand, Irwin is adjacent and I have to say the two seem to compliment each other very well!
Craftsman pliers and adjustable wrenches
Craftsman pliers and adjustable wrenches displayed.
Bits. What can be said here? Well, I am personally happy that there is a very nice selection of impact bits available, both in same-size and assortment sets. Additionally, the standard steel bit sets here are nice too, as they are well manufactured and I have been shockingly surprised by their quality.
Craftsman bit sets
Craftsman bit sets on display.
 Lastly, the pictures below are of a few more 'interesting' spots I noticed - levels, circular blades, and large variety of hole saws and mandrels. But it doesn't end there - plenty of other Craftsman end caps and product offerings that I didn't even take pictures of: power tool accessories, gloves, promotional end caps, tape measures, reciprocal and jig saw blades, garden tools, outdoor power equipment, tool storage and organization, brooms, work lights, flash lights and more! If the Lowe's reset has not made it to your area, be patient - it is well worth the wait in gold.... or should I say red?


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