DeWalt ServiceNet and Service Centers Will Support Craftsman

With a local Dewalt Service Center in my area, I decided to look into the viability of Craftsman tools being serviced at these locations. On DeWalt's ServiceNet site, Craftsman is listed as an 'authorized' brand. A deeper dive into the site shows portals where you can order parts for various brands. Craftsman is not listed yet.

When I entered the service center, the walls were lined with refurbished DeWalt tools and accessories. There was also some other brands under the parent company's umbrella available as well.

I asked an employee if Craftsman tools would be serviceable at this location and he responded, "eventually, yes" and I also asked if there were any plans to sell refurbished Craftsman tools there, and he said "now that I am not sure about"

Needless to say, it is nice that there will be locations like this to get Craftsman tools serviced. This was one of the reasons I liked Craftsman in the first place: the availability and convenience of parts and repair options to fix tools, something that not every tool brand has. Many brands rely on shipping parts and dispatching repair options which often adds more time away from your tools.
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