The NEW Craftsman is here!

A week ago, Craftsman, now under the auspices of Stanley Black & Decker, hosted a #CRAFTSMANLaunch event in Baltimore, MD introducing 1200 new tools. Among the announcements were tools in every category, including but not limited to hand tools, cordless and corded power tools, tool storage and even gas-powered lawn and garden equipment. It's allot to cover in just one blog post, so I'll be spreading the coverage out a bit. For now, as a warm-up, I'd like to feature some of the tools that caught my eye.
Open view of the Craftsman 33-piece Impact-Rated Screwdriving Set

33-Piece Impact-Rated Screwdriving Set
During the announcement, I noticed that the video couldn't really cover every single thing they were announcing. I thought to myself - if they are releasing several impact drivers, will they be coming out with impact-rated bits as well? Sure enough, a quick search on the NEW revealed this gem: a 33-piece driving set. I LOVE impact bits, and if I could replace all of my driving bits to impact rated in one fell swoop, I would do so. Acquiring sets like these might accomplish that goal more quickly.

Keychain Tape Measure
Sorry folks, no picture yet on this - but I'll be honest - I don't care what it looks like! My Dad teases me about tape measures, because I have so many already. "How many tape measures does someone need?" He always says. I always say I can never enough. I might actually have one in every room in the house. And yes, they are all Craftsman. So you can bet I was tickled red (see what I did there) when I saw that Craftsman was coming out with almost 30 new tape measures! Chrome, Pro, Classic, 16', 25', 30' - you name it, they have it. But of all the ones I saw - the one I certainly don't have - a keychain tape measure!

Multi-Bits 4-way Pen
So any gadget that allows you to switch bits is incredibly useful, as it negates the the need to use multiple tools.

Bi-Material Screwdrivers
NEW Bi-Material Screwdrivers are sleek looking. I especially like the large handle and reinforced bit-end of the drivers as well.

Pocket Knives and Snap-Blade Knives
Knives to me are just as useful as tape measures. I was excited to find that the Craftsman was coming out with pocket and snap-blade knives.

This video shows a sneak-peak of some of the tools that Craftsman announced and this video is recorded live stream from the #CRAFTSMANLaunch event. Check them out, you'll get excited too!
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