Stoked For Versastack

Craftsman large, medium, and small storage cases are compatible with my ever-growing Versastack system.
So I've been wanting to post on my Craftsman Versastack system for quite some time, but I was waiting... holding out for one product that would complete my system in a way that would create endless possibilities for the way I transport tools and tool accessories for projects throughout my house and on the road: the 85pc. Drilling and Driving Set.

I adopted the Versastack System early on when it was first introduced at Lowe's last autumn. The system tower I purchased is no longer available; it came with a wheeled tote, shallow toolbox and small parts organizer.

My Versastack system seen on-the-go for a job.
I immediately started using it to organize my tools, especially for jobs on the go. When Stanley Black & Decker held their #CRAFTSMANlaunch event last fall, I spotted something on one of my favorite tool blogs - Tools In Action, who attended the event - a photo of a bit storage case that joined with the system and allowed smaller storage cases to also be joined to itself. As I waited for that one critical piece to be available at any one of Craftsman's retailers, I saw additional tool combinations hitting the shelves at Lowe's - all coming in any number of smaller storage cases that would prove to be compatible with this entire system. Among them: ratchet sets, bits, and impact bits to name a few.

Craftsman has actual identifiers for the different sizes of cases which are grouped as accessory storage, as indicated on the tag that came with the 85 piece set. A small bulk storage case, which fits inside the small, medium or large storage case; a small case, which can be stacked on other small storage cases or medium cases; a medium case, which can be stacked on other medium cases or large cases; and lastly, the large case (which is what the 85 piece set comes as), which can be stacked on top of the Versastack system modules.

Inside fold of the product tag for Craftsman's 85-piece Drilling and Driving Set.
I would finally be able to have this unifying solution to store and transport my tools and tool accessories!

A few weeks ago, the set in the large case I had been searching for made an appearance in my Lowe's app and relief swept over me - I would finally be able to have this unifying solution to store and transport my tools and tool accessories!

Unfortunately for me, there was a little mishap with purchasing this. If you search on Lowe's you will notice there are two products that show as "85-piece set". The confusion therein is that BOTH products carry the same Lowe's item number: 1062133. The difference, is in the Craftsman model number: 2 medium storage cases with 85 pieces is CMAF1285 and the 1 large storage case with 85 pieces is CMAF1285LTC - a difference of three letters at the end. When I went to my local Lowe's, the search high and low, eventually bringing me the 2 medium storage cases. A call to Lowe's national customer service promised correction, and after shipping me the item, I ended receiving the same 2 medium storage cases option. Another phone call to Lowe's and I was referred to Craftsman's ServiceNet, who sent me the correct product.

Through this ordeal, however, I want to share that I had the best customer service from both Lowe's and Craftsman, but a lesson can be learned here by both companies on being careful with item and model numbers, and how they can create confusion. Note that if you're going to buy this, your mileage may vary and be cautious when purchasing.

I highly recommend the Craftsman Versatrack system to anyone wanting to store and/or transport their tools and tool accessories. It is the ultimate solution with endless possibilities.
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